8 comments on “latest challenge at another Freaking scrappy challenge …

  1. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this!!!! I loveeeeeeeeee that you had a paper photo of you and your brothers birth and loving the big doily and flowers!! I want to play along… but not sure I am totally following the put another link to another site in your post??? Not sure what that means?? :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Julie – What I mean is – when you post on your blog with your layout for this or any other challenge, please also put a link in that posting to another fun, interesting or inspirational scrapbooking blog or website. Most of us love to cruise the internet (it’s free!!) for inspiration, and I like to see other great ideas plugged that we can share!!!

  3. Oh Anne I just absolutely lo this lo! All the goodies that you used are so sweet and dear to my heart…we are right around the same age. Do you remember Sally, Dick, and Jane? And talk about leave it to Bever…wow things have certainly changed! 🙂

  4. wow Ann, Have just stumbled across your blog and the new challenge site sounds like great fun …. woohoo !!! always in for a challenge…I am on a couple of DT’s with Sandi .. just adore her work .sensational. I really love your style too …. love the sound of this challenge, you will see my stuff soon .. hugz x

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