4 comments on “so many layouts, so little time …

  1. Hi Anne, Me again! lol I think I am getting the “hang” of what scrap-booking is to be about…..telling a story with pictures and writing. Being creative with anything you have at hand, layering, gluing, textures etc. It really does look like a work of art. But why did you say not to use orange for Thanksgiving? Janet W.

    • Lol, well Janet, I said not to use orange just to put a twist in the challenge. Any Thanksgiving or autumn type layout I have made has orange in it – and orange is a common colour used to represent the Fall season. Of course, I don’t mind at all when people who play along with my challenge blog (another Freaking scrappy challenge …) break the rules of the particular challenge – I just like for them to have fun, get inspired by everyone that plays along and make new friends along the way!! Asking participants not to use orange was just my way of being annoying, maybe making people think outside the box in designing, and of course maybe making someone laugh!

  2. Hi Anne I just adore both these pages. You know I too always dreamed of having 6 children from when I was a little girl! I really love your banners on the second LO and the polka dot background.

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