About Me

I love to take photographs.  I love to scrapbook the photographs I take.  All my spare time is taken with editing photographs, and scrapbooking some of my favourites.

I am a publisher for the Department of National Defence. I have 5 children.  I study at Queen’s University part-time.

I live in a tiny village two hours east of Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

Anne Pennington

One comment on “About Me

  1. Dear, Ann Pennington

    Nice to meet you. My name is Hiroshi Kurauchi, I live in Japan.
    I am your fan since eighth grade. That said, I am in Japan was not able to get your news and information.Time flows, I became 52 years old. One day, I When I was surfing the net, happens to be to find your HP, I know your success. I was impressed, such as meet the family that had been parted alive for a long time. I wanted to tell you that there are Japanese who continue to think that of you, was that it put the mail.
    Now, I become a banker, I am happily living with my wife and two children. Is my feelings but is worried transmitted to the good in English, it was not rude to you?
    So I wish you happiness from Japan.

    Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
    Your fan, Hiroshi Kurauchi

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