Photos by Anne Pennington

Ever since I remember, I wanted to be a mother.  I had given up when I married a guy with three little blonde girls.  They were 4 (Jacqui), 6 (Stephie) and 8 (Nikki).  We had a lot of fun, baking, doing crafts, biking, camping, travelling, Guiding and lots of other things. The girls grew up to be a social worker (now real estate agent) (Jacqui), commercial/music video producer (Stephanie) and graphic designer (now doing administration for Service Canada) (Nikki).  Nikki has two children of her own now, Brynn (5) and Kieran (3). The girls are awesome women, and I love to be around them. We still have a lot of fun. It is awesome to hear about their lives and have everyone home together.  It is always boisterous and filled with laughs.  Board games are very rowdy when we are all together.

When Jacqui was 9, I gave birth to Christopher, known now as Chris.  He was born the day after my twin brother, Gary, died.  He was a cute little boy, who went everywhere with his three active sisters and I. He’s a thoughful young man now. Good at music too.

Three years later I gave birth to Mary-Elizabeth, known as Mary.  From the start, she was a lively girl, and still is.  She used to jump from high places until her first eye surgery. It was then that we realized that because of her poor little crooked eyes she probably didn’t have any depth-perception.  She continues to be active in sports, but has a little more sense with high places.  Still relatively fearless, though.

My five children are awesome!

Anne Pennington

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